Written by Jason Fly on June. 12th 2020

"Everything works better with quality sleep: our digestive system, our sex hormone balance, our mood, our skin and even thyroid function."

Vitamin D:
"Vitamin D deficiency is commonly found amongst COVID19 patients"
Today too many of us are spending our days in dimly lit work places and we're indoors for 90 per cent of the day. Since humans evolved foraging and hunting, much of our earlier existence was spent out and about, our brains have retained a long-held connection with the world, most noticeably with the sun. When the sun sets our brains are wired for the dark. When we're naturally seeking darkness, extra light at night is both disturbing and stimulating for the brain. Embrace the natural cycle of light and darkness, enjoy the sunshine and your sleep will thank you for it.

"Better sex = deeper sleep"
Sex and sleep- the perfect duo: sleep boosts your sex drive and regular sleep helps you fall asleep more effortlessly. What's not to like? Assuming your sex life is healthy and enjoyable, research suggests engaging in sexual intercourse before sleep can decrease stress (especially after an orgasm) and benefit your sleep. It can also help insomniacs initiate and maintain their sleep, “making sex a possible alternative for traditional insomnia treatment.”

"Routine helps formulate new or old habits"
Going to bed at a similar time and waking at a similar time (whats known as a regular sleep schedule) works with your body and is a strong element of sleep hygiene - the term for a whole bundle of conditions that are ideal for "quality" sleep.

Dark room:
"Darker room = no distractions"
With more of us living in bigger and brighter cities, our nights have been turned to day by artificial light. So, we need to dim the lights during the evenings at home and grab an eye mask for a truly dark bedroom. Enjoy a darker evening without electricity; the warm glow of flickering candles works in harmony with your body clock and gets you to bed earlier, feeling sleepier.

Hot shower:
"Cooler temperature = better sleep!"
Medical research has already established that sleep and our body’s core temperature are regulated by a circadian clock. Your body is about two to three degrees higher in the late afternoon or early evening. During sleep, it is the lowest. It may seem counterintuitive but a warm bath or shower stimulates the body’s thermoregulatory system, causing blood circulation from the internal core to the hands and feet. That can help remove body heat and get the body temperature to go down. Thus, having a cool body will put you to sleep faster and help you stay in a deep sleep.

"coffee or tea after 12pm can impair your sleep"
Caffeine can interfere with your body's natural sleepiness; if you're sensitive to its effects, avoid caffeine containing drinks and chocolate. Also be aware of "teas" often they can have more caffeine than coffee. We recommend avoiding caffeine consumption after 12 pm.

Jason Fly

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