Written by Jason Fly on April. 15th 2020
We have spent decades optimizing our waking hours, but what about those precious hours after we fall asleep? (or try to) Sleep tells you everything you need to know, "but we're too tired to ask."
Our brains are most active during sleep, and "quality" sleep is the most important element to a calmer, happier life. Sleep is the new topic of our times.

Each and every night you undergo a transformation - you leave your waking life behind and dive into a world of sleep and dreams for hours at a time. When morning comes, you might remember little of what went on during the night of slumber, but your brain and body will thank you for it with renewed energy, revitalized your brain capacity and a refreshed immune system.
You are ready to face another day.

Scientists continue to ponder whats going on during those night-time hours and what purpose sleep has - it's a huge area of modern neuroscience. But it seems every other culture has a pattern of activity and rest; we're no different and sleep is universal. Sleep scientist Matthew Walker discovered sleep deprivation runs the risk of not being able to restore new or old information.
He also discovered that sleep is responsible for memory refreshment and memory retention.

Its common for many of us to rush through our day and climb into bed only to discover that our active mind keeps us awake for hours. we'll lie in bed ruminating over an argument, worrying about world events, or fixating on a project thats due tomorrow. Whatever challenges we're facing, they are sure to surface come bedtime. So on those nights when sleep doesn't come easily it's important to call on your regular sleep hygiene practices.

Jason Fly

Jason Fly helps women over 40 improve their health and wellbeing through improved sleep.
He is an expert at helping people transform their lives and reduce the risk of disease and illness through a balanced routine in quality sleep.
If you're interested in changing your life and improving your health then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today. 
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